$50,000 Super sanghoki Seat Giveaway!

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An Australian summer seems to be an exciting concept for our players, with 5 more booking their trip thanks to the $50,000 Super Seat Giveaway.

With a $15,000 trip to the Aussie Millions in January as first prize, and then four $8,750 packages to the Asia-Pacific sanghoki Tour event in Sydney as consolation prizes thousands of players tried to qualify for the final.

A lucky 520 players qualified for the final but only 5 of those were walking away with a trip Down Under, and while those knocked out early may have felt unlucky, our bubble boy went out in a ball of flames after he got him self into all kinds of trouble. With 6 left and only one person left not getting a live tournament seat, Bartyuk had a stack equal to just 5 big blinds and made a move from the small blind pushing in nearly half his stack, dannyboy904 moved in all-in over the top from the big blind and Bartyuk had a very tough decision. He must have really loved his hand as he called and put his tournament life on the line. Two aces on the flop put dannyboy904 in the drivers seat, and a Jack on the turn sealed the deal sending Bartyuk home in the bubble, with no trip to Australia.

With tournament seats assured for all the remaining players, the fight was on to upgrade from an unique casino package, to a deluxe Aussie Millions package. The first player to lose this fight was flail1, he went out in fifth when a great flop just couldnt connect on the turn or river. He moved all-in after his blind special of 4-6 all clubs became an up and down straight draw as well as a flush draw, unfortunately for him he was called by Barcajuve who had picked up a low pair to go along with the straight draw. When all the draws were busted flail1 was out of the race, and Barcajuve and his pair of 5’s were still in the hunt.

It wasn’t long before Barcajuve was taking another scalp. SolarEclipse moved all-in from the small blind with A-8 off and was called by Barcajuve with A-10 off who was slightly in front. A slight lead became a win when he paired his 10 on the turn and SolarEclipse was himself totally eclipsed. Although unlike the sun, he at least gets an herobola package.

Dannyboy904 sent Bartyuk home in the bubble, but he too fell short of the major prize. He moved all-in after flopping a flush draw, pelicancruse made the call despite having nothing but 2 over cards. Those overcards became top pair on the turn, and improved to an ace high straight on the river to put the nastiest of nails in Dannyboy904’s coffin.

Down to two players and Barcajuve and pelicancruse didn’t waste any time, heads up only last 3 hands, and the first two hands didn’t even make it to the flop! On all three hands Barcajuve moved all-in preflop, on the third hand he finally got a call. All three times he had a picture card, unfortunately for him the third time wasn’t so lucky, pelicancruse had a higher picture card. The flop turn and river all managed to miss everyone and pelicancruse with her A-3 off topping Barcajuve’s K-4 off booked her place at the Aussie Millions at Crown keluaran china Melbourne in January.

It’s not too late to win a live tournament seat for yourself, our next APPT Grand Final is on this weekend.

Event: APPT Sydney Grand Final When: Saturday 6th October @ 15:00 (Server Time) Where: Tournaments >> Scheduled>> Satellite Cost: $250 + $25 or $275 Grand Final Coupon

If you don’t have a Grand Final Coupon yet dont stress, with MTT’s and Sit’n’Go satellites running daily you can start earning your Grand Final entry today for as little as $2! So get cracking and we might see you in Sydney!

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