About AVM Resection Surgery

  AVM Resection is a procedure done to separate the AVM of arteriovenous malformation from the surrounding tissue. With the use of a microscope, the neurosurgeon will then cut off the blood supply to the AVM and remove it. AVM resection is an advantageous procedure as it effectively and immediately corrects the AVM right after […]

Players Can Now Earn a 100 Percent First situs judi online

  Titan situs judi online has come up with a new promotional strategy. It is offering depositing players a 100 percent first deposit bonus. The bonus amount can go up to an unbelievable amount of $500. Each hand that is played at Titan Poker, and that generates rake earns stars. Stars are the points rewarded […]

Five Easy Tips to Improve Your 8g88 game

How would you like five easy to follow tips that will immediately improve your 8g88 game?  Yes, that’s right; these five easy to learn tips will have you winning more hands more often. Just read on… Poker Tip #1 Maximize your winnings and minimize your losses.  Simply put, when playing Texas Holdem Poker bet on […]

My Husband’s Not Gay Trailer: Is He, Though?!

  My Husband’s Not Gay is TLC’s newest reality special, premiering January 11. Yes, this is an actual program coming to TV, and it features … well, you can guess. TLC will follow four Mormon men who reside in Salt Lake City, Utah, three of whom are married to women and one who is currently […]

$50,000 Super sanghoki Seat Giveaway!

  An Australian summer seems to be an exciting concept for our players, with 5 more booking their trip thanks to the $50,000 Super Seat Giveaway. With a $15,000 trip to the Aussie Millions in January as first prize, and then four $8,750 packages to the Asia-Pacific sanghoki Tour event in Sydney as consolation prizes thousands […]

With a little help from my sbo Friends

  I kept things in check, played it close to the vest, because I was sure the bride would be sbo checking. I met her in 1994 when she lived across the street in a house with air conditioning and a vacuum. To my roomates and I, Hoover was just a man in a dress and he […]


  Part 2 of the 4… yes 4! …part series is below. Part 1 and Part 3 are posted on rtp online on Poker. Lessie shall we. Where did I leave off? You know, I’m checking online now for some supersavers to Oslo. Does Delta go there? Is it a connection in Atlanta? I could live […]

Debating Ben slothoki

  In the middle of downtown Greenville, SC, there’s an Irish Pub with a stage near the door. If you get in the door early enough, pound a couple car bombs, flirt with the best bartendress in town at the back bar, and get a good seat, there’s a chance you might hear some good […]

Weekend Tournament Wrap-Up

This past weekend “celebrated” a big day in the history of online poker. Exactly one year removed from online poker’s Black Friday (April 15th, 2011), players from around the world entered big internet events with even bigger guarantees. While the absence of American players is still noticeable, it seems most tournaments have nearly fully recovered […]