So, this is my first post about myself,  which I thought I’d start writing seeming as though I’ve been off for 3 weeks, I thought perhaps I needed to put something back into FTR!

A quick introduction to myself, I play low/mid-stakes keluaran hk , mainly $1/2 cash game and as results have shown, I generally make money from the game.


I’ve just come back from the Ladbrokes Cruise 2008, a package worth $6.5k, but which I won entry through winning a MTT with more than 1000 entrants (so far my best takedown!).  I played the $500 and $300 event, and came 22nd in the $500 out of 300 runners, where I made around $3k profit, which is pretty good considering all expenses were paid for!  On the ship included some good European players such as the Devilfish, Marc Goodwin and Paul Jackson.  The whole experience was fantastic, I would recommend anyone whole heartedly to go on one of these cruise trips, and I am certainly gonna try and qualify for next years!


One thing that I learned from the trip was that the Scandinavians a super aggressive, in which you must not be streamrolled over!  Another, is that after playing some of the older pro’s, I don’t think that you have to be a fantastic player to be a pro- if you’re an marginally an above average player, you just have to find the right tables.   I thought some of the older pro’s were very ABC, with very few moves.


January has been my best month in poker, profitting around $8k, as I also took down a tournament at the DTD poker room (The UK’s only fully regulated poker room), for $3.3k (   My bankroll now accumulates to over $12k, but as my live BR and seperate to my online BR, it’s difficult to calculate!  I am now considering playing $2/4 and have done for a while, maybe a few more winning sessions and then we’ll see.


A lot of people ask me why I don’t spend the money that I won, but personally, I’d rather keep it in my poker, and hopefully let it snowball, rather than cashing out, buying a car, and finding myself playing the same levels that I was a year ago.  The problem I find is that I have little time to play poker, apart from the weekends.  I work LONG hours, yet the last few months, I have made more playing poker- crazy!  With this, I don’t have much time to develop my poker career, so although I work in marketing, I am now hoping to work in poker marketing and at least blend the 2 together!


Anyway, hopefully, as my blog goes on, you will hear of some progression to the next cash levels! May the cards be with you!