How would you like five easy to follow tips that will immediately improve your 8g88 game?  Yes, that’s right; these five easy to learn tips will have you winning more hands more often. Just read on…

Poker Tip #1

Maximize your winnings and minimize your losses.  Simply put, when playing Texas Holdem Poker bet on the hands that you have a good chance of winning and fold the bad hands.  In Limit play you must play solid hands.  If you are being dealt bad hands throw them away.  Limit Hold em is primarily a showdown game and very rarely can you bluff anyone out of a pot.

While many of us have watched Texas Hold em Poker on TV and have seen players bluffed out of pots we understand that this effective strategy in no-limit Texas Hold em rarely works in limit because you are limited to a maximum bet.  This makes bluffing and picking-up small pots more difficult in limit Texas Hold em Poker.

Again, stick to playing the best hands.

Poker Tip #2

Knowing when to play and when to quit is an important consideration for a poker player.  Play as long as the game is good and you feel good.  If you’re winning and the players you’re playing with are inferior and have plenty of chips to give, as long as you feel good, keep playing.

If you’re tired and the inferior players have left and been replaced by good players then you may want to think about quitting.  If you find that your patience and discipline are lacking, then you should also consider quitting.  Remember, you will not always win.  Everyone suffers bad beats.

Poker Tip #3

What makes some hands better than others?  Obviously pocket pairs, especially high ones are powerful opening hands.  Pocket pairs can win without any additional help from the board.  If you’re pocket pair connects with the board you can turn a set and even a full house.

Higher cards are better than lower cards as they make bigger pairs with bigger kickers.  Suited hands have a better chance of making a flush and suited connectors (or near connectors) are more likely to make straights, flushes and on occasion straight flushes.

Hands that incorporate both hole cards are usually stronger than hands that use only one.

If you like to play suited cards and suited connectors I recommend that you now how to calculate pot odds and know how many outs you have.

Poker Tip #4

The decisions you make on the flop are the most important.  After that there are fewer details.

Taking into account and using everything you read and study will help you solve the problems you’ll face in limit hold em.  However, there is no substitute for experience.  Only by playing will you gain that experience, confidence, self-discipline and control to make you an expert player.

Try not to be too predictable.  Don’t play the same hands the same way all the time.  By swaying from your normal style of play – occasionally – you’ll keep your opponents off balance.

The table can be broken up into the following sections:

Player one = the Blind

Players 2 to 4 = early position

Players 5 to 7 = middle position

Players 8 to 10 = late position

So what are good hands before the flop when you’re in early position?  – You want a hand that’s strong enough to stand a raise (pair of aces, kings, queens etc…) if you have one of the three highest pairs I’d recommend raising.  Of course if your hand is poor you should fold.  Don’t be afraid to fold.  Remember that patience is very important in limit hold em.

Raising with a strong pair does two very important things for you.  It gets more money in the pot and more importantly, it thins out the field.  Strong pairs decrease in strength according to the number of hands out there.  Your best and really only form of protection is to raise.

Poker Tip #5

Most important of all, if you want to improve your game, you have to practice and play.  Studying what the best hands are is great.  So is reading about strategy but you eventually need to apply that knowledge.  I strongly recommend that you play Texas Holdem Poker Online whether it is for free or real money games.  You have many Online Poker Rooms to choose from and practice at.