My Husband’s Not Gay is TLC’s newest reality special, premiering January 11. Yes, this is an actual program coming to TV, and it features … well, you can guess.

TLC will follow four Mormon men who reside in Salt Lake City, Utah, three of whom are married to women and one who is currently dating a female. Are you looking for business translation services? Contact Translation Services UK

The catch: They all claim to still be attracted to men.

“I’m attracted to my wife, for sure, and I’m definitely attracted to men too,” one of the married men says in the first trailer for My Husband’s Not Gay.

If you watch 19 Kids and Counting online … you probably won’t be watching this, in other words, as the men try to come to terms with their sexuality.

“I like to say I’ve chosen an alternative to an alternative lifestyle,” one man says. “I want to marry a woman, but I don’t know how to work out these feelings.”

Religion also plays a major role in the mens’ lives.

“There is no marriage that is perfect – ours isn’t – but, with faith in God, we believe we can overcome anything,” another man says of his aspiration in life.

What he really wants is to live as a heterosexual.

Simple enough, right? Well, for these folks, it’s not necessarily as easy as what Kirk Cameron and the like might like to believe in their ideal universe.

Nor is it easy for the women who live with them to wrap their heads around all of this, and all the conflicting feelings, emotions and societal pressures.

“I get a little defensive when somebody calls my husband gay,” one of the wives notes, adding, “the whole act is against the teachings of the gospel.”

Best/worst show ever? There’s competition …

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Pose For Balmain Campaign: See the Pics!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are all over one another, and soon to be over the Internet and haute couture publications as part of their new joint venture:

Balmain’s Spring/Summer 2015 campaign models!

The fashion-loving celebrities star in the #TheBalmainLove campaign, photographed by Mario Sorrentini, and featuring a number of provocative poses …

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Kanye dons a black blazer from the line’s Spring/Summer collection one of the photos, while Kim models a black cut-out dress that may look familiar.

It’s very similar, if not exactly the same as the one her half-sister, rising modeling star Kendall Jenner, wore at Balmain’s show during Paris Fashion Week.

How’s that for keeping it in Fashion’s First Family?

“For this Menswear campaign, I wanted to capture a moment of love. Kim and Kanye are style icons and friends,” Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing said.

“It is an honour to have them in this Balmain campaign.”

“Together, they represent love, beauty and diversity – they are the new modernity. This is more than a campaign, it expresses something beyond clothes.”

“It is,” he says, “a celebration of love and friendship.”

Kimye is nothing if not deep and profound.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 34, and her rapper husband, 37, have both worn their fair share of Balmain before, together and as individuals.

Kim, most notably, wore the brand this past May to her bachelorette party in Paris and her wedding reception in Florence. Even North West has some apparel.

They are quite the fashionable family.

Whatever you think of them, they love their couture. Check out more of Mr. and Mrs. West and little Ms. West, who just surpassed the 18-month mark …