Titan situs judi online has come up with a new promotional strategy. It is offering depositing players a 100 percent first deposit bonus. The bonus amount can go up to an unbelievable amount of $500. Each hand that is played at Titan Poker, and that generates rake earns stars. Stars are the points rewarded to players by Titan Poker. Even if the player has not placed a bet and has folded he is entitled to earn stars. This implies that stars are earned on a raked hand as long as the player was dealt cards. This entitles the player to earn his 100 percent $ 500 worth of First Deposit Bonus. Press.arrivenet.com reports:

Players receive bonuses based on the stars they’ve earned. As a player keeps playing and building their player points, additional payments will be made until a matching 100 percent First Deposit Bonus of up to $500.

The Limited Video Lottery Act Serves as a Windfall For West Virginia

In the year 2001, Lawmakers in West Virginia came down heavily upon illegal gambling. They created a state-run industry, permitting bars, restaurants etc. to run video lottery machines. This Limited Video Lottery Act, has served to be a big cash maker, for the state. It has led to the establishment of million-dollar mini-casinos all over West Virginia. Legislative lobbyists Hodges and Bright have set up a limited liability company MIR LLC, with 30 profitable video poker parlors across the state. Their clubs serves esteemed clients who spent $6.24 million in the last financial year. As a result of this MIR’s owners earned $9.6 million as their share of the revenue. This is the largest amount that any state has made from any of its 1300 limited video lottery license holders. Lasvegassun.com reports:

Public records show William W. Service, a longtime Oregon restaurateur, helped Hodges and Bright launch MIR’s parlors.Lottery Commission officials say Service has since sold his ownership in the club to two lobbyists.

Open New Account in Pacific Poker’s New Mac Room and Get Instant Bonus

The new mac room started by Pacific Poker is giving $100 bonus to players. All new players, upon registration and account opening are entitled to this bonus, at Pacific Poker’s new mac room. Players are thrilled with this offering from Mac-PacificPoker.com. According to some, Pacific is the only online poker room to give this kind of a bonus. Experts predict that a bonus such as this one will serve to attract a large number of players. More players are sure to sign in now specially since the mac poker software has been released. In the absence of this software players were finding it difficult as they were having to buy expensive software. Time to rejoice, for all mac computer users who are avid poker players! Press.arrivenet.com reports:

Without the advent of these non-download mac poker rooms players said they would have to buy Virtual PC software to play at any online poker room with a mac computer. This Virtual PC software is still very expensive mac users say.