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How to Restructure Operations for Success

This week wraps up February’s topic of the month on Ownership and Governance structures, and with that I wanted to highlight some recent work the

Driving Your Employees Toward Inefficiency?

As frequent readers of our blog will know, we’ve focused a lot in the past weeks on the concept of exposing Operations’ hidden inefficiencies. These are

Cheating in togel hongkong hari ini

I recently read an article online about the training of special agents in casinos who are tasked with identifying cheaters. The methodology in their training

Processes Need Governance Too

We had originally conceived of this “topic of the month” series as a showcase for our work on the reporting structures and metrics that govern the different content

Technology Spotlight

The Operations Council in conjunction with CEB TowerGroup is pleased to announce the launch of our new Technology Analysis product.  Technology Analysis is a comprehensive

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About AVM Resection Surgery

  AVM Resection is a procedure done to separate the AVM of arteriovenous malformation from the surrounding tissue. With the use of a

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